Hey Guys,

Welcome to Steeth9, where style and passion collide in the world of performance bagger apparel. What started as a humble hobby has now blossomed into a brand that celebrates the thrill of riding, design, and the excitement of the performance lifestyle.

Let us take you on a journey through the creation of Steeth9 and the story behind the brand.

It all began with a love for two wheels and a desire to combine good looking apparel with the thrill of the road and create a lifestyle brand for performance baggers.


Designer and illustrator by profession, Erik spent his days immersed in the world of creativity, but he was missing something. It was on the seat of his Road Glide that inspiration struck, igniting the idea to create a brand that captures the essence of performance baggers and the lifestyle that comes with it.

As a proud dad of two amazing kids, he wanted to create something that would not only fuel the passion for riding but also serve as a way to inspire and connect with fellow riders and families who share the same love for motorcycles and baggers in particular.

Thus, Steeth9 was born.
A brand that seamlessly blends styles of premium streetwear and performance baggers.


Erik quickly realized that he needed help to streamline everything and maintain communication with suppliers and producers. This allowed everyone to focus on their tasks, ultimately helping us collectively elevate Steeth9 to where we are today. That's when he turned to his good friend Suraj for assistance. Given his equal passion for motorcycles and performance, it was a no-brainer decision. Together, we're driving Steeth9 forward with unstoppable momentum.


Every design and illustration at Steeth9 is made with fuel, beer and a good laugh. From the dark black and white designs to the vibrant orange accents, we strive to create apparel that not only looks awesome but also tells a story. Each piece is crafted to embody the spirit of riding, 2 wheels and performance.

Whether you're cruising the highways or ripping through the canyons, Steeth9 is here to accompany you on every adventure.

Thanks for reading & ride safe!

Erik and Suraj



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