STEETH9 BLOG 1: Inside Steeth9: Our Journey Unveiled

STEETH9 BLOG 1: Inside Steeth9: Our Journey Unveiled

Hey everyone! We're thrilled to share the incredible journey of our brand with you. Last summer, our office was buzzing with excitement as we delved into refining our ideas and visions. Our goal was clear: to address the unmet needs within the performance baggers lifestyle scene. It was through sheer dedication and hard work that we transformed our ideas into the remarkable products you see today.

At Steeth9, the journey begins at our draft board. Here, we meticulously jot down ideas, revisiting them time and again to ensure they authentically embody our lifestyle. We're old-school in our approach, preferring to cut, fold, and adjust by hand. This hands-on process allows us to truly immerse ourselves in each item, ensuring it captures the essence of our brand with authenticity and precision.

Late 2023.
We offered a sneak peek at our early demos, showcasing a range of styles and colors. Our mission? To deliver something both cool and meaningful to our community. However, despite rigorous testing—washing the fabric multiple times and scrutinizing the print quality—upon closer inspection, they all failed.

Facing setbacks after each failed demo, we recognized the need to pivot our business strategy. It became clear that to meet our standards, we had to craft our clothing from scratch. Thus began the hunt for the perfect partner! Our S9 Concept-book emerged as a vital tool, allowing us to share our vision with potential partners and manufacturers, ensuring alignment every step of the way.

From driving to manufacturing appointments to late-night sessions fueled by coffee cravings, every step is a vital part of our journey to craft something truly special. During those late nights, our Head Designer, Erik, works his magic, exploring various styles to ensure we offer you nothing but the best. It's these dedicated efforts that drive us forward on our quest to deliver excellence with every piece we create.

While it took longer than anticipated, we made sure to engage with packaging specialists because, at Steeth9, we're committed to ensuring the safety of our gear. Our priority isn't just ensuring that your items arrive safe and sound; it's also about doing so in style. We believe in adding that extra bit of flavor and premium service to elevate your unboxing experience to a whole new level.

Early 2024. First Demo Tee is in! 
With summer on the horizon, Suraj models our latest, the V2 Racing Tee demo.

We'd love to hear what you think. Feel free to drop us a DM or leave a comment below to share your thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to read about our journey. Until next time, ride safe, and we look forward talking to you guys soon!

Erik en Suraj

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